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African Super Woman

No Ordinary Woman..

African Super Woman

African Super Woman was started as a hobby over three years ago. Click  here  to see my old blog. The name is a reflection of myself, looking back at the struggles I went through growing up, mountains I had to climb etc. As I got to share my personal life stories with friends, I realized that all my friends have had a struggle of some sort that they had to overcome in their lives. I developed a general interest in knowing the stories behind the smiles of women, I got inspired, encouraged and along the way. I hoped that these stories can help someone else. I decided to start writing bits and pieces about myself and other women's life-changing stories.
I believe that every woman has been graced with inner strength from God, a strength that goes way beyond her smiles and beauty. African Super Woman is an amazing journey of my life. The fights and battles I have fought and won, the laughs I have laughed and the tears I have cried. Gates, I have pushed wide open where I was told they can't be opened, heart breaks that can't even be imagined. Rejections I have suffered, stones and insults that others have thrown at me. In the midst of all these life challenges and chaos, God has been with me, letting me lean on him, lifting me up when it's too hard to walk. In the moment of such misery, it was hard to imagine that anything would ever get better, but by God's grace, He kept moving me foward and He kept teaching me along the way. He is still teaching me.

At this very moment, as I look back, I realize that everything I ever went through.., brought me to this place.., a place of rest and peace, a place where God is clearly holding my hand and showing me exactly where He brought me from. This is not only my journey but a journey of women across the globe, women who are going through some things that I went through. Women who are being looked down on, women who are considered worthless in society. Women who have stepped where I am going to be stepping. This is for every woman from every nation, every race, and every age.

I aim to inspire, motivate, encourage women and men alike through my personal life stories, stories about other women and men. Stories that aim to bring revival and transformation in the lives of people. I will share my thoughts on certain issues that either affects me directly or our society. I love to read.., therefore, expect some book reviews or passages from books am reading that I know, will inspire you. Interviews with women and men alike if I get a chance on different topics. Will invite you into my closet once in a while giving you fashion tips etc (I am not a fashion blogger or a fashionista, I just love to look good with what I have ;-) .

This site is basically about inspiring, encouraging, and motivating people around the world. A look into the world through the eyes of an extraordinary African woman. A woman who has been graced to be the voice of the voiceless. 

A good friend of mine once told me this; 
"If you love to write, then write. When you have the desire and inspiration to write something, write it down. It doesn't matter what it is, just write. What you write may not be for everybody but it will be for somebody. What you have to write, there is someone out there waiting to read it. What you write may just change someone's life". Jonathan Flores

I also love to make fun of myself, embarrassing moments etc. And I share some of my life experiences on here. Don't forget to subscribe :-)

Inonge P. Mubita..

Zambian young woman living in the diaspora with a humanitarian heart for people, especially women and children. A model, writer, blogger, visionary entrepreneur,  upcoming author and a social worker by profession. Loves people, books, photography, art, travelling, good food, fashion and enjoys a good laugh. She is also a woman after God's own heart. 

I am more passionate about women. To me, a woman is God's best piece of art, no wonder He had to take his time in creating us. He even gave us a "super power"..., super inner strength because He knew that we will need it to nourish our families, to mend broken pieces etc. I have seen how hard women work to better our families, our communities, and our countries. How strong we are at heart. We endure, we persevere and by his power invested in us, we conqure​.

Thank you all for your support and God bless.
Inonge P Mubita.       
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