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  1. Casper Vind
    13 Sep, 2016
    Casper Vind; The Man Who Rescued Me From The Horrors Of The Night
    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where Micheal Jackson's Thriller song starts to play in your head in a scary situation?.If you have or haven't.., you better read this. The following is what happened to me between midnight of Friday the 9th Sept and early mornings of Saturday the 10th Sept. My life is full of sweet dramas lol. Please read on. As my facebook post on Saturday, I was at my boss' birthday party last Friday. The party was in another town and a bit far from home. It ended
  2. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE; Hear It From A Fitness Guru
    01 Sep, 2016
    NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE; Hear It From A Fitness Guru
    If someone told me that this would me a couple of years back, I would have laughed my lungs out! I never grew up in a sporty environment but I can confidently say that my passion for fitness and health is amazing. Everything started as a joke and eventually has landed me a certificate in pilatesmat work from SwissPilates Institute. A bit about how I started. It was on the 23rd of December, 2010, bored at home and unemployed, a thought came to me and I decided to commit to a 2 months membership
  3. This Is What Happened When I Met Reuben Morgan.
    31 Aug, 2016
    This Is What Happened When I Met Reuben Morgan.
    Let me start from the beginning. I grew up with Hillsong Music, you know, from the days of Darlene Zschech. I loved and I still love their music. I love how they bring God's love out through their music. I personally have had moments when I feel broken and God through their music, had brought me back and mended my spirit. All their songs has a touch of God in them and that's why I have always loved them. Anyway, being young and watching these guys.., I had a HUGE crush on  Reuben Morgan and JD
    27 Jan, 2017
    What are you gonna do if during the storm of life your boat begins to sink? I say have your eyes and ears open because the one who calms the storm will call you and asks you to step out of the boat and follow Him. This isn't going to be an easy move for you because you will have to actually walk on water to meet Him. Stepping out of the boat and actually walk on water requires faith. Here is the thing, if Jesus calls you and asks you to step out of your "sinking boat" and walk on water, be rest


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